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Star Citizen Introduces Origin Jumpworks Ships to Free Flight Event With New Video

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Introduces Origin Jumpworks Ships to Free Flight Event With New Video

Star Citizen’s “2018 Free Flight Event” is continuing with another manufacturer added to the list of ships that can be tested by everyone for free.

This time around it’s Origin Jumpworks turn, including several favorites focused on luxury and speed.

Here is the list from the official site:

  • 300i: Travel in style with this high-performance sleek touring ship.
  • 315p: Traverse the ‘verse with this high-performance exploration focused ship.
  • 325a: Origin’s sleek signature fighter, the 325 makes a great companion for finding your mark in style and sophistication.
  • 350r: Origin’s sleek signature racer, the 350 makes a great companion for leaving your peers in the dust.
  • 600i Explorer: The luxury yacht of Star Citizen, designed to explore in comfort and style with a vehicle bay.
  • 85X: A luxury and sporty short-range runabout for pilot and passenger.
  • M50: Origin’s premier racer, small, fast and highly agile.

Interestingly, Origin Jumpworks’ namesake is Origin Systems, the studio with which Director Chris Roberts won his fame by creating the fan-favorite Wing Commander series, of which Star Citizen is the spiritual successor.

Below you can check out a new video in which the game’s developers discuss the philosophy that went into designing Origin’s ships, and how it evolved over time.

The Free Flight event will continue until November 30th, so if you want to check out the game for yourself and see what it’s all about, you have a few days left. You can also enjoy a video from earlier today, showing a rather crazy mid-air rescue.

Star Citizen is currently in development and will be released exclusively for PC.

For the sake of full disclosure, please keep in mind that the author of this article is one of the backers of Star Citizen.

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