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Red Dead Online: How to Save Your Game


Red Dead Online: How to Save Your Game

How to Save Your Game in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has arrived and finally you can take your single-player wild-west experience online, and play cowboys with people from all over the world. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to save in Red Dead Online, here’s how.

Red Dead Redemption 2‘s single-player featured both manual and auto-save functions. You could hard save throughout the game, but you could also force one by going to sleep for any amount of time, or finishing a mission.

Obviously though, Red Dead Online is going to play by slightly different rules since it’s an online mode with other people in your game.

How to Save

You can save your game though in Red Dead Online. The mode uses an auto function similar to the single-player mode. Whenever you do something notable, something worthy of communicating with the server, such as completing a mission, the game will do its thing.

When it does this, it’s basically just updating your current state to the server. The way you look, how much money you have, what you’ve recently completed, etc. are being kept track of.

Can You Manually Save in Red Dead Online?

Unlike the singe-player mode, you can’t just create your own file manually. You will need to rely on the automatic function exclusively. Thus, it’s important that you take some precautions so you don’t mess anything up.

Try not to randomly just turn the game off to avoid potentially losing progress. It’s probably unlikely, but you could possibly mess with something if you log out improperly. Try to finish what you’re doing, and then log out properly before turning off the game.

That does it for how to save in Red Dead online. For more tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions answered, be sure to check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki guide.

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