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How to Play DVDs on Xbox One


How to Play DVDs on Xbox One

How to Play DVDs on Xbox One

Your Xbox One isn’t just a device to play video games on. There are a whole bunch of features that make it an all-around entertainment device for your home. Here’s how to play DVDs on Xbox One.

It’s certainly easy to forget that DVDs even exist with the rise of streaming technology, but optical media certainly does still work with Xbox One, and it’s super easy to set up. In fact, it’s pretty much just a case of putting in the disc and making sure you open the right app.

First, simply pop the DVD or Blu-ray disc into your Xbox One. Once the media loads an app should suddenly pop up on the UI to indicate the console has detected the disc. Now you’ll need to select that app so the program boots up.

Once you’ve gone about opening the app, select “Free or Install” on the app details page. This should automatically start your disc. Simple right? Now you get on with enjoying your favorite movie!

We’ve actually written a detailed article about all the various features that Microsoft’s console can do beyond just playing video games. It includes interesting features such as how to game share, play your console from a PC, track your game states, and lots more. You’d be surprised at how many you didn’t know existed!

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That’s all the information you should need about how to play DVDs on Xbox One. For more useful information about the Xbox One, you can search Twinfinite.

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