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Nintendo and Microsoft Share Their Excitement for E3 Regardless of Sony’s Absence


Nintendo and Microsoft Share Their Excitement for E3 Regardless of Sony’s Absence

For the past 25 years or so, E3 has been all about the big three companies that we all know and love –Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Honestly, we don’t think E3 would be as exciting without all three showing off new games in their existing franchises, new I.P.’s and just seeing those toe-tingling console announcements. Well, we have had Nintendo sit out of E3 in recent years, but they’re back and stronger than ever thanks to the overwhelming success of the Nintendo Switch. But, for the first time ever, Sony has announced that PlayStation will not be attending E3 2019.

The company also recently announced that PSX would be canceled this year, which makes us think: what the heck is going on over there at PlayStation? The PS4 has seen hit after hit the past two years with God of War, Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man, so why cancel E3? Despite the unfortunate news, we’re sure that the company has something up their tricky sleeves for us next year.

In the official press release from ESA concerning E3 2019, next year’s conference will depend on “industry momentum to drive E3 to new heights.” Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America President, even had a comment regarding the conference as well, sharing the company’s excitement for E3, even with Sony being out of the picture:

“E3 is an outstanding opportunity for us to share new games and experiences with fans and business partners from across the globe. Every year, we discuss what will be the best way for us to take advantage of the next E3 show in order to bring smiles to people’s faces.”

Phil Spencer also shared Microsoft’s anticipation towards next summer: “E3 is an incredible platform to showcase the vibrancy and creativity of the video game industry. The ESA continues to expand the event’s reach to fans and the industry, both in attendance and online, and we look forward to what’s ahead at E3 2019.”

In addition to the press release, Spencer went on Twitter to express that Microsoft will have lots to share with the fans.

With PlayStation opting out of the conference next year, we can only hope that Microsoft, Nintendo, and the third-parties can make the E3 party as fun and riveting as ever, even with the missing piece of the pie.

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