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Fortnite Hunting Party Skin: What the AIM Skin Looks Like


Fortnite Hunting Party Skin: What the AIM Skin Looks Like

What the Fortnite Hunting Party Skin Looks Like (AIM Skin)

For the past couple of seasons now, Fortnite has provided players with a new set of challenges, unlocking a special skin for completing all of the weekly challenges for seven weeks. Season 6 was no different, and the Hunting Party challenges once again brought secret stars to find, and a special Hunting Party skin. Now that the week 7 challenges have finally dropped, we now know what the Hunting Party skin, called A.I.M actually looks like.

Included below, and courtesy of both YouTuber HYPEX and renowned leaking group FNBRLeaks we now know what the reward is for completing seven sets of weekly challenges in Season 6. With the description “Scanning area for targets…” it certainly seems as though the A.I.M. skin is a robot… not to mention the fact he certainly looks robotic with not guts to speak of!

fortnite hunting party skin, aim skin

However, arguably the coolest part of the A.I.M skin in Fortnite is its back bling. This is a small backpack with a screen on it that displays the number of eliminations you rack up each match. Plus, because it’s back bling, you can use it with any of skin you want in Fortnite. We’ve included another image of the A.I.M skin and its accompanying back bling once again down below.

fortnite aim back bling, A.I.M

Credit: Reddit

It remains to be seen whether or not A.I.M will play a part in the lore of the Fortnite world. However, with three weeks of Season 6 still to go, there’s plenty of time for Epic to surprise us with another spectacular event or ending to the season.

What do you make of the Hunting Party skin, or A.I.M skin as it’s now known? Let us know down in the comments below.

For more tips, tricks, and information on Fortnite and its current season, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 6 guide wiki.

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