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Fallout 76 Caps: How to Get Money (Caps) Fast


Fallout 76 Caps: How to Get Money (Caps) Fast

How to Get Caps Fast in Fallout 76 & What They’re Used For

Fallout 76 keeps the series’ long-running currency the same. Caps are back once again and they’re just as important as they always have been. Required to purchase items from the many different protectron vendors and vending machines dotted around Appalachia, among other things, you’ll likely be wondering if there’s a way to get caps fast in Fallout 76.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve broken down all the different ways we’ve found so far to get caps fast in Fallout 76. Some are straightforward, others may require you to venture off the beaten path or just do a little bit of exploring.

Completing Quests

It’s arguably the most obvious way you’re going to get Caps in Fallout 76. By completing the main quests, you’ll rack up a fair amount of Caps to help with picking up any Stimpaks or RadAways you may be in dire need of after your latest escapades rebuilding civilization after the bombs dropped.

Side quests, on the other hand, won’t get you quite as many Caps, depending on what you have to do in them. But more often than not, you’ll be given some of the wasteland’s currency for your efforts all the same. If you find yourself with a ton of Miscellaneous quests to complete in the Side Quests section of your Pip-Boy and not a whole lot else to do, go ahead and complete them. Even if they don’t net you a massive amount of Caps, the items you acquire can be sold for extra cash.

Similarly, you’ll also get a number of items for completing both main and side quests. While these are obviously not Caps in themselves, they can be equally as useful in helping you rack up some spare cash in Fallout 76.

Sell Items You Don’t Need

Take the time every once in a while to go through your inventory and sift out anything you won’t be using that isn’t worth scrapping for raw materials, or just simply doesn’t fit your play style in Fallout 76. Chances are, whenever you’re way below your carry weight, you’ll pick up an absolute ton of random items you never normally would, nor do you really need.

It’s always worth stashing away high-level weapons and armor at your CAMP within your stash box, as they’ll come in handy later. But all of those Pipe Pistols, bits of leather armor, or heavy raider gear? If you don’t need the crafting materials or are just in dire need of extra Caps, look to sell them to the protectron vendors that you can find at most of the train stations on the map such as Morgantown.

Alternatively, try trading things that you don’t need with other players. If a passerby has had a rough time recently, venturing into a high-level area a little preemptively, they might be willing to pay above the odds for one of those RadAways or Super Stimpaks you have. Of course, only sell these kinds of consumable items if you have a good few spare, as they’re incredibly valuable.


Some events in Fallout 76 take an absolute ton of time to complete, and you’ll be given some purified water, a piece of armor, and maybe some Mutfruit if you’re lucky. While the seemingly random items you get as a reward for completing events may be a little underwhelming at times, you’re more often than not going to nab yourself a fair few Caps for your efforts.

From our time in Fallout 76, we’ve found that for your troubles killing a few waves of Scorched alongside other players at Morgantown Airport, or guiding a Mr Handy to its destination, you’ll be pretty fairly rewarded in Caps. Sure, it’s not going to be enough to hang up your wasteland adventuring boots on and shift your CAMP to a quiet part of the Appalchian countryside, but every little bit helps.

Finding Cap Stashes

When you’re busy exploring the map of Fallout 76, you’ll find yourself exploring offices, finding random settler camps, and generally finding the property of your enemies wandering the wasteland. Be sure to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny you come across. See a desk? Go check under it. What about that random tent? Check inside it.

You never know where these will pop up, but Cap Stashes can, as the name suggests, be a great source of Caps for your adventures in Fallout 76. These tend to have about 10-20 Caps in them from our experience, but they don’t really require a whole lot of effort to earn. Leave no stone unturned, and Fallout 76 will reward you with Caps.

Killing Super Mutants & Raiding Their Camps

Super Mutants inhabit the West Virginia wasteland in Fallout 76, just as they have in previous Fallout games. The items you’ll find on them, as well as in their camps, tend to be the same as it always has been. The odd random meat bag, a wooden board, maybe a nice weapon or two. However, with a lack of human NPC enemies such as Raiders inhabiting the world, Super Mutants are one of the few enemies you’ll come across that have Caps on their person.

Again, this is literally only a few Caps per Super Mutant, but once you’ve cleared out a camp of them containing three or four mutants, plus looted their other containers and belongings, you’ll be looking at 15-20 Caps.

We’re still looking for more ways to get Caps fast in Fallout 76 so we can share them with you here. We’ll continue to update this post as and when we uncover methods to get yourself some easy cash in the West Virginia wasteland. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our Fallout 76 guide wiki.

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