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Is Deltarune a Full Game? What You Need to Know


Is Deltarune a Full Game? What You Need to Know

Is Deltarune a Full Game? What You Need to Know

The creator of Undertale, Toby Fox yesterday sent out a strange tweet with a link to some sort of mysterious Deltarune Survey Program. It sent fans of the 2015 indie classic into overdrive, with hopes that Deltarune could be the full game sequel fans have been hoping for upon finishing the Fox’s first title. Though it may initially seem like an odd, ominous survey with little else to it, it appears as though the Deltarune Survey is just as mysterious as Undertale itself. Here’s what you need to know about whether or not Deltarune is a full game.

Well, the answer is kind of. It’s safe to say that Deltarune is certainly more than the survey it initially appears to be. Upon completing the initial questions, players are put in control of a character called Kris. There’s a complete story arc here in which players explore the Dark World, defeat the evil king, and go home.

There’s a creepy ending, as fans might have been expecting, and we’ve done a breakdown of Deltarune’s story and ending, too.

From start to finish, the game takes about two to three hours to complete. However, when the credits roll, the game says it’s just the end of chapter 1, seemingly suggesting that the full game is still to be released, or that this is the first of a number of chapters to come over time.

Currently, there’s no word on exactly what’s going on with Deltarune. Whether or not this is, in fact, the first of many episodes to come, or whether this was simply a demo of the opening couple of hours remains to be seen. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite, as we’ll be following the developments as they unfold. You’ll probably also want to follow Toby Fox’s Twitter as he’s announced he’ll be answering some questions from fans today.

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