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“Traditional Console Cycles Are Over,” According to NPD Analyst


“Traditional Console Cycles Are Over,” According to NPD Analyst

In recent years, we’ve seen all of the big three console makers, specifically Microsoft and Sony, iterating on their consoles more and more. We like to think that Nintendo started it off though with the hundred different version of the 3DS that have surfaced in the past 7 years. But with slightly upgraded consoles such as the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and the rumored Switch 2.0., it seems that the traditional console cycles of the past might be dead and gone. And one NPD analyst, in particular, Mat Piscatella, states a few reasons why that is so.

Today, we learned that Sony has managed to ship over 86 million PS4 consoles worldwide after the system being out for over 5 years now. This is an exceptional feat and this upcoming holiday season will continue to establish that the PS4 is dominating right now, mostly thanks to Sony’s fantastic line-up of titles for the console.

Piscatella replied to a Tweet that was asking him why the PS4 train hasn’t slowed down even years after launch; this is what he had to say about that: “A few reasons… PS4 Pro, strong slate, Fortnite bump, the impact of service based games being the most prominent. And you’re right, normal cyclicality would have sales declining at this point. Xbox One also up big this year for similar reasons. Traditional Console cycles are over.”

While we’re pretty sure that the PS5 will be here in a few short years, and Nintendo will continue to develop hardware after the Switch’s cycle, but we’re definitely going to be seeing more and more upgrades and iterations on established consoles in the future.

What do you guys think? How would you feel if we never got a proper PS6 or Xbox 3(?) in the future, but instead receive upgraded systems that allow you to play games in higher graphical fidelity?

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