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You Can Thank These 8 Games for the PS4’s Dominance

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You Can Thank These 8 Games for the PS4’s Dominance

You Can Thank These 8 Games for the PS4’s Dominance

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Releasing almost ten years after the first Uncharted, A Thief’s End marked the conclusion of Nathan Drake’s treasure-hunting adventures. It was a fantastic, heart-wrenching conclusion, that while giving our titular hero a proper farewell, kept the doors open for a potential sequel starring a new character that was introduced at the end of the game.

The Uncharted series ushered in a new type of gameplay experience when it comes to PlayStation exclusives. Whenever we think about what makes PlayStation PlayStation, Uncharted and their developers, Naughty Dog, almost always pops up in our minds.

Sporting some of the best graphics that we’ve seen on the PS4, Uncharted 4 was a technical behemoth back in 2016 –shoot, it actually still looks super pretty to this day.

Persona 5

The Persona series was sort of always taking a backseat to other big JRPG’s like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, always being the literal black sheep series of the genre. Persona 4 ended up being a big hit, especially with the Vita release of Persona 4 Golden, but Persona 5 not only made Persona bigger than ever, but it revitalized the JRPG genre and proved that these type of games and still be successful in this day and age.

There are tons of other big JRPG’s on PS4 as well such as Dragon Quest XI, Ni No Kuni II, and Nier: Automata and the critical success of Persona 5 showed that PS4 is the place to play games like this. Persona 5 turned players who have never touched the series with a ten-foot pole into JRPG fanatics.

The flashy, cool, and just plain stylish aesthetic of the JRPG kept us entertained for hours upon hours, leaving us wanting more and more experiences just as this one. Atlus deciding to bring Persona 5 exclusively to the PS4 was one of the best decisions that the company to make, not only for their sake but for the sake of the PS4 as well.

God of War

Since God of War’s inception on the PS2, Kratos has just been this crazy, revengeful man who likes to kill things or have sex with them. You go around and kill “bad” guys and then kill some more. There’s never been much emotion or touching narrative moments to push you through the series, until now.

Sony Santa Monica has brought God of War into a new light with this much-needed reboot/sequel. This time around, God of War revolves around Kratos teaching his young son how to be a proper god. The camera angles are dynamic, there are no cuts in the entire game, and there’s lots of voice acting and quiet moments: things we haven’t quite seen before from the franchise.

This reboot has changed God of War, a series that was growing stale, for the better and is now one of, if not the best, games on the PlayStation 4.

Spider-Man PS4

They’ve done it. Insomniac Games have made a more than decent video game starring a well-established super-hero. We got the Batman Arkham series before this, but Spider-Man has never received the video game adaption that he deserves and the adaption that we needed.

Swinging through New York City as the web-slinging Peter Parker has never felt better and once you throw in the superb story-telling, character performances, and entertaining combat that allowed you to use your environment in so many ways, Spider-Man is the game to play on your PS4.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn does the best job at making a campy horror movie into a full-fledged video game full of dialogue choices, dozens of endings, and heart-racing moments.

You know when you’re watching a scary movie and the blonde girl goes and hides under the bed instead of leaving her home for help? You yell at the movie thinking she’ll listen but she never will? Well, the thing is, in Until Dawn, you make the decisions. I mean, you can still hide under the bed if you want, but come on, really?

Horizon Zero Dawn

One of the few new I.P.’s that surely belongs on this list, Horizon Zero Dawn, put Guerilla Games back on their high horse and proved that in a post Breath of the Wild world, open-world action RPG’s can still thrive and do something so unique.

Since we’ve been introduced to Aloy and her futuristic world full of robotic creatures and monsters, we can’t seem to forget about how full of life everything was. Destroying a huge mechanical creature by just dodging and using a bow and arrow made us feel ever so powerful.

Call of Duty (Franchise)

Ever since the launch of the PS4 back in 2013, Sony has seen strong support from Activision regarding the Call of Duty franchise. We’ve seen exclusive content on the system as well as “play it first here” type of stuff like special maps and modes.

With the joint efforts between the two companies, Call of Duty players seemed to have found a new platform to get their online shootin’ on. Thanks to the crazy sales that Call of Duty sees each and every year, PlayStation seems to benefit more and more.


Who knew dying over and over and over again could be so much fun? From the makers of Dark Souls comes Bloodborne, a more gothic take on the highly difficult, yet satisfying action-RPG series.

Bloodborne’s faster combat and less methodical movements gave people a chance to jump in without feeling so overwhelmed from the get-go. Sure, Bloodborne is still pretty hard, but if you put forth the effort, this might be one of the most satisfying experiences that you’ll ever have on the PS4.


Destiny was huge when it was first announced back in 2013 as it was Bungie’s first new console I.P. since the inception of the Halo franchise –which was a big deal.

Destiny was going to be this huge massively multiplayer first-person shooter, but the original started off on the wrong foot with people knocking it for its lack of story and repetitiveness.

But once the post-game content came out, The Taken King, it gave Bungie a second chance to make things right, and they succeeded. Like Call of Duty, Activision was a huge supporter of the PlayStation once again, pushing the PS4 to be the console for people to play Destiny on.

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