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RimWorld Hydroponics: How to Use Hydroponics


RimWorld Hydroponics: How to Use Hydroponics

How to Use Hydroponics in RimWorld

We’re going to be going over everything you’ll need to know about hydroponics in RimWorld.

Food is of the utmost importance in RimWorld, right? Your colonists need food to stay in a good mood and if they’re in a bad mood, they won’t be alive for much longer. (Be it because they starve or they beat each other to death.)

A modern marvel for farming is hydroponic farming. Why settle for the olden ways when you can research some new and improved ways to feed your people?

First and foremost, we have to talk about how you end up getting hydroponics as a technology. You need to research it, it’s not something that’s available right from the get go.

Why use hydroponics? Well, because everything grows faster and thus everything is more efficient. Faster food growing means more supplies for the colony.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to create an indoors area using the sun light in combination with the basins to make sure that you’ll be growing food all year long.

Here are a few important tips you’ll need to know when building with hydroponics in mind.

Number one, build a sort of greenhouse. Don’t leave them growing outside like you would farming fields because that defeats the purpose of it. You want to make sure that your plants and crops are secure from the weather inside of a safe environment.

Keep in mind that it’s smart to put heaters and coolers to keep the space fit for the greenery.

Number two, make sure the design of your greenhouse fits the light.A really smart design to use is outlined in this video over here. Making it look that way isn’t just making it all pretty, it also means that the crops are completely covered by the sun light and no space goes to waste.

And yeah, that’s pretty much the gist of what you need to know to get started with this. Research the tech, build the basins, cover them indoors, build sun lights, connect those to your power grid, and have colonists plant some seeds and tend to what grows.

You’ll have a consistent supply of food in no time. That’s all there is to using the hydroponics in RimWorld.

By the way, are you looking to figure out the food situation with a friend, perhaps? Well, click on over to this guide and find out how to play RimWorld’s multiplayer online.

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