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New Resident Evil 2 Remake Trailer Shows The Licker in Action

Resident Evil 2, Licker

New Resident Evil 2 Remake Trailer Shows The Licker in Action

The Resident Evil 2 remake has received a new gameplay trailer focused on the Licker, and the tentacle-tongued monstrosity looks to have only gotten more terrifying with its revamp.

Streamed through the game’s official YouTube channel, the trailer sees one of the game’s protagonists, Claire Redfield, make her way through a pitch black facility with zombies and undead hounds scattered throughout its halls. As she journeys further into the facility though, it becomes clear that something more fearsome is lurking in the shadows.

Enter the Licker, a fearsome mutant abomination armed with a whip-like tongue and massive claws at the end of each limb. As agile as it is deadly, it can pounce on players and pin them to the ground in no time flat, ripping them to pieces if they don’t act quickly. It will take an equal amount of firepower and strategy to overcome them, and the challenge will only multiply when several are present.

In addition to showing off the Licker in action, the trailer also offered glimpses of the level of detail the game provides. Enemies retain damage from gunshots through missing chunks of flesh and exposed bone. Claire’s character model likewise reflected any damage done to her, with bite marks and gashes visible after she sustains attacks from enemies that catch her off guard.

The full gameplay trailer can be viewed down below.

Originally announced at E3 2018, the Resident Evil 2 remake is a reimagining of the original Resident Evil 2 complete with modern graphics, revamped gameplay and revised story elements. The game still features both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as its protagonist, and both will have to fight their way through waves of undead, infected and mutated monstrosities in order to survive a zombie outbreak decimating Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 2 is slated for release on Jan. 25, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the game, check out our hands-on preview where we took on one of the game’s reinvented boss fights.

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