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Fortnite Alpha Tournament Points: How to Get Points in Alpha Tournament Easily


Fortnite Alpha Tournament Points: How to Get Points in Alpha Tournament Easily

How to Get Points in Fortnite Alpha Tournament Easily

Fortnite’s in-game tournaments have finally kicked off with the Alpha Tournament. This debut tournament is a solo event that tasks players with earning 20 points in a session to earn a Shiny Pin. While the Shiny Pin is, for the most part, just a cosmetic means of showing off your skills in a competitive setting in Fortnite, Epic has teased that attaining one could result in you qualifying for prizes or advancing to the next round in the future. As such, some players are likely wondering how to get points in Fortnite Alpha tournament easily.

All the Ways to Get Points in Fortnite Alpha Tournament

Before you can learn the best methods to get points in this debut tournament, you first need to understand all of the different ways you can earn them in general. There are two key ways you’ll earn points in Fortnite Alpha tournament, with increasing amounts being rewarded for your prowess in these departments. The ways you’ll earn points are:

  • Getting a set amount of eliminations in a game.
  • Reaching the last X amount of players in a game.

We’ve included a screenshot below breaking down all of the different ways to get points in Fortnite Alpha tournament.

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As you can see, simply getting an elimination or surviving into the final 50 isn’t enough to earn points. You’ll really need to get aggressive and go on the offensive if you want to start earning any points at all in the Alpha Tournament. It’s a similar story in the upcoming in-game tournaments in Fortnite, so keep this in mind.

Now that we know how to get Alpha Tournament points in Fortnite, it’s easier to figure out a means of getting points faster.

Best Ways to Get Points in Fortnite Alpha Tournament

If you’re happy with having slightly quieter and less interesting games in Fortnite, the best way to get points in Alpha Tournament is to simply try and survive. Engaging in combat is a risky business, especially with these in-game tournaments ranking you against players of similar skill level. As such, finding quiet places to hide, staying around the edges of the storm circle, and generally not engaging in combat when you otherwise could are all good ways to give you a better chance of earning at least one point by reaching the top 10.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a bit of a combat king when it comes to Fortnite, you’ll want to try and land in busy landing locations. Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and the small village area in the south of the desert biome are just some of the busy drop points in Fortnite. By landing on a weapon, rather than opting to seek out a chest, you can quickly deal out damage to nearby players and catch them off-guard before they’ve got themselves set up.

If you’re able to get a quick few eliminations in on players before they can get set up, and then make a quick escape to a quieter spot on the map, you’ve got a good chance of earning a couple of points per match.

Ultimately, the best way to get points in Fortnite’s Alpha Tournament is to play to your strengths. That applies both in terms of either an offensive or defensive playstyle, as well as the weapons you use. Don’t be tempted to run into a close combat encounter if you’re best at picking players off at mid-range. Pick your battles, play smart, and you’ll start earning points in no time.

That’s all you need to know to get points in Fortnite’s Alpha tournament. We’ll be updating this post with any additional tips and tricks as we participate in this in-game tournament ourselves.

For more tips, tricks, and information on the current season, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 6 wiki.

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