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FIFA 19: The Best LB for Every Game Mode


FIFA 19: The Best LB for Every Game Mode

The Best LB in FIFA 19 for Every Game Mode

FIFA is no longer all about playing with your favorite real-world team and taking on your friends for ultimate bragging rights. Many of FIFA 19‘s modes task you with building your own team. Whether that be from all of the players in Ultimate Team, or those that are available for transfer in Career mode, you need to look at the best players in every position. It’s not just the goal scorers that matter, though. Even left-backs can be vital to your team being a potent force in attack and defense. So that you know who to consider, no matter which mode you’re playing in, here’s what you need to know about the best LB in FIFA 19.

The Best LB in FIFA 19 – Kick-Off, Career Mode, Online Seasons

Off course, in offline modes, your quite restricted when looking for the best LB in FIFA 19. You may be limited to certain players when choosing your favorite team, but you may want to pick a particular team or make a transfer so that you can use the best LB option. The best options are:

  • Alex Sandro – Juventus – Arguably the most well-rounded LB in FIFA 19, Sandro has pace, strength, and defensive ability in equal measure.
  • David Alaba – Bayern Munich – Not quite the go-to choice now that his midfield team-mate, Arturo Vidal, has moved on to Barcelona, but he’s still the best LB in FIFA 19 if you’re building a Bundesliga squad.
  • Jordi Alba – Barcelona – Comfortably the fastest option, Alba’s defensive shortcomings are more than made up for by his recovering ability.
  • Marcelo – Real Madrid – Finally given the justice he deserves, Marcelo is actually a usable LB in FIFA 19. His high attacking and low defensive work rates can be an issue, but he’s now fast enough to be a great option. Also, being the only full back with five-star skills, and having a four-star weak foot, makes him the best LB in FIFA 19 when it comes to technical ability.
  • Benjamin Mendy – Manchester City – The Premier League has a dearth of quality LBs, but Mendy is the standout. He’s not the fastest, nor is he the best defensively, but he’s decent all round. Also, he’s tall, strong, and has very good crossing stats.
  • Alex Telles – Porto – Now, a LB from the Portugese League may not be your first choice, but he’s actually one of the best options due to his attacking ability. Also, since he’s Brazilian, he is also easy to link to other players in Ultimate Team.

The Best LB in FIFA 19 – Ultimate Team

Each of the options above are still some of the best LB options in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, but the options extend further in FIFA 19’s most popular mode.

Since the mode features special cards that are upgraded versions of existing cards, the best LB options can change regularly. Even now, just two weeks after release, you can go beyond standard gold LBs.

First of all, there are Icons to look at. They will be very expensive, but they’ll be the best for most of the year. There’re three versions of Roberto Carlos, Paulo Maldini and Javier Zanetti’s Baby Icon cards, and even an 85-rated version of Emmanuel Petit.

They’ll all be great choices, especially the Brazilian free-kick wizard (Carlos), when it comes to the best LB in FIFA 19. Also, since they’re Icons, they link to every player in the game. Particularly handy for keeping your team’s chemistry nice and high.

Also, Mendy, Alba, Telles, Marcelo, Alaba, and Sandro all have upgraded Champions League versions of their cards. Each of them gets a +1 upgrade in every stat, taking them even further above the rest of the best LB in FIFA 19 competition.

That’s all there is to know about the best LB in FIFA 19. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our FIFA 19 wiki guide.

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