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Best Eevee Evolutions of All Time, All 8 Ranked From Worst to Best


Best Eevee Evolutions of All Time, All 8 Ranked From Worst to Best

All are adorable, but which one is the best?

This article is about the best Eevee Evolutions on Nintendo handheld games. If you’re looking for rankings for Pokemon GO, be sure to check here next for our rankings of the best Eevee evolution in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO has everyone in a Pokemon craze, from children who have just been introduced to the world of powerful creatures and grand adventures, to adults who were once just like those children with their GameBoys. Along with the nostalgia of filling that Pokedex came along some debates, as well.

Best Eevee Evolutions of All Time

Since everyone is suddenly in a Pokemon mood thanks to the release of Pokemon GO and Sun and Moon, old arguments are now back at the surface, including which Eeveelution reigns supreme?

So we decided to make an attempt on putting that everlasting argument to rest by deciding which is the best Eevee evolutions you can possibly get your hands on.

1. Glaceon

Move over Vaporeon, Eevee finally learned how to switch from water to ice with the development of Glaceon, the Ice-type evolution. This form is obtained by evolving near an Ice Rock. You would think that this would mean a whole new batch of immunities and resistances, but that’s unfortunately not the case.

Glaceon being an Ice-type means it is a glass cannon. It is extremely powerful against a lot of types such as Dragons, but is terrible defensively. Evolving to Glaceon doesn’t provide any immunities, and the only resistance is other Ice-types, something that Vaporeon is also resistant to along with several others.

Currently, ice-types thrive with speed so they can move first before their long list of threats, but Glaceon isn’t very fast, which makes using Glaceon very difficult without lots of support from other team members despite its good defensive stat allocations.

Nothing is impossible in the world of Pokemon, but use Glaceon at your own risk.

2. Flareon

Flareon is a Fire type Pokemon (if you couldn’t tell by the name or its appearance), which gives it only a few weaknesses – Ground, Rock, and Water – however all three, especially Ground and Water, are quite common which is Fire’s main problem defensively.

It does at least have a ton of other resistances at least which include Ice, Steel, Bug, Fairy, and Grass. That provides quite a bit of protection, it’s just a shame that the few it is weak to are so common currently.

As far as attacking goes, this Eevee evolution is also pretty potent. Unfortunately, even with all of its boons in the defense and damage dealing department, Flareon just can’t hold a candle to its brethren.

Many of this Pokemon’s best attacks that take advantage of its strong physical power have recoil, limiting what you can do. When compared to the likes of say Umbreon or even fellow Generation I member Vaporeon, two Pokemon which can play a powerful support role, hold their own in most battles, and have solid defense, Flareon just proves to be more lackluster. At least it’s fluffy, though.

3. Leafeon

Leafeon is Eevee’s Grass-type evolution and easily one of the more mystical looking appearances, looking something like a wood-elf crossed with a fox. What makes Leafeon stand out is its list of pretty useful resistances: Ground, Water, Grass, and Electric. All of those are fairly common meaning Leafeon could easily challenge most other trainers.

Unfortunately, this Pokemon’s list of weaknesses is longer than its resistances. Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice will all do double damage to Leafeon. Four of those are just as common as the types that Leafeon is resistance to, and with zero immunities it’s difficult to find a reason to make room for this adorable creature in any roster.

Leafeon is at its best if you take advantage of what makes it unique. There aren’t a lot of physically offensive based Grass-types which could be useful depending on the situation, and it is capable of using Swords Dance to boost its attack and also Baton Pass it to another teammate if needed which is pretty cool.

So in short, Leafeon is kind of a middle of the road Pokemon as far as Grass-types go, but not many are half as adorable as this woodland creature. As such, it’s not quite at the bottom of the pile for best Eevee evolutions.

4. Jolteon

Jolteon is the Electric version of Eevee, which sort of gives it one of the most badass looks of the Eeveelutions. It only has one weakness – Ground – which while not a great weakness to have, if it’s the only one you have to worry about you can live with it. It only has three resistances either though, none of which are super helpful.

Unlike most other Eevee evolutions though, Jolteon is relatively defenseless. It’s not that Jolteon is completely useless or anything like that. In fact, thanks to high speed and powerful electric attacks, Jolteon is actually pretty powerful, capable of dealing lots of damage in a short time. But, just as quick as it can dish it out, it goes down even quicker.

So in order to use Jolteon effectively, you need to get it in at the right times, and quickly switch out when things look dicey. Jolteon is truly a hit and run Pokemon and has the perfect move in Volt Switch, to fit that strategy.

5. Umbreon

Like Espeon, Umbreon was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. This Eevee evolution comes about by evolving Eevee at night with high friendship. Aside from the sleek black and gold look, which is one reason many players wanted this particular Pokemon, it’s actually very useful for its high defensive stats and immunity to Psychic type moves such as ones that might come from Espeon.

While Espeon may be resistant to Dark, Umbreon straight up ignores Psychic-type moves, while also being resistant to Ghost and Dark types.

When it comes to weaknesses, for a while Umbreon only really had Bug and Fighting types to worry about, but with the addition of Fairy as of generation six, things got a little more complicated for Umbreon. Still Umbreon has impressive defensive stats and a good utility move pool as far as Eevee evolutions go.

Umbreon’s major drawback, and what drops it down a few rungs on this list, is that Umbreon has pretty bad offensive stats, and a bad offensive move pool. It relies on Foul Play for damage which is alright, but not ideal. Umbreon is definitely better as a support/defensive Pokemon than an attacking one.

6. Espeon

Espeon was first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver as part of the second generation of Pokemon. While hundreds of new monsters were being introduced, the developers wanted to further play with the new day and night system by showing they can influence how a Pokemon develops.

Of course, the best base to use as an example was none other than Eevee, the only creature in the game who can become just about every single type out there. By evolving Eevee in the morning with high friendship Eevee can become this sleek looking Psychic type.

Aside from it’s luxurious appearance, Espeon is pretty useful thanks to its small number of weaknesses. These include Dark, Ghost, and Bug. While Bug-types are pretty common, the other two aren’t, making Espeon an excellent edition to almost any lineup. The fact that it’s also resistant to Psychic and Fighting type moves, which is also helpful.

The best part about Espeon though is arguably its hidden ability, Magic Bounce, which allows it to reflect incoming status moves. This is especially useful in competitive battling where many players will use status moves such as Stealth Rock or Spikes. Instead of having it on your side, with some prediction, you can actually turn the tables and cause your opponent to set it on themselves!

Honestly, what holds Espeon back on this list, and in general is that while Psychic isn’t terrible defensively or offensively, it isn’t great either. The Eevee evolutions ahead of Espeon on this list also also have great utility, but have better typing. That’s why it comes in at third in the best Eevee evolution ranking here at Twinfinite.

7. Vaporeon

Vaporeon is easily the most blessed of the Eevee evolutions in Pokemon. While Grass and Electric weaknesses can be a drag, it could be much worst. Its resistances happen to make it viable against some strong opposition.

This particular evolution has a solid defense and is built around be a viable support option on the field. This makes it an excellent asset in balancing out your Pokemon team. Vaporeon can Baton Pass massive Substitutes to teammates thanks to its super high HP, greatly increase its defense with Acid Armor, and burn opponents with Scald.

It can even set up a healing Wish to another team member. Plus its special attack isn’t too shabby either, allowing it to deal good damage too, albeit with a limited move pool.

Despite the weaknesses to Grass and Electric, and limited use offensively besides strong Water attacks, you’ll definitely take the good with the bad in this case. Vaporeon is the second best Eevee evolution that can do a lot of cool things for your team.

8. Sylveon

Sylveon is Eevee’s Fairy-type evolution and is easily one of the most adorable with its pink and blue ribbons and large blue eyes. Obtaining a Sylveon requires two things. First, it must evolve from an Eevee that knows at least one Fairy-type move. Secondly, it needs to have at the very least two Affection Hearts in Pokemon-Amie, a mechanic that was introduced in Pokemon X and Y.

For all its cuteness, though, it happens to be one of the tougher variations in its family of evolutions. It only has two weaknesses, Poison and Steel. Sure they can be a problem, but they’re easily managed, and a balanced team can counteract any sudden appearances of these deadly types.

Outside of that, it’s standard fare when up against most types until you come across Sylveon’s resistances and immunities. Sylveon is resistant to Dark, Psychic, and Bug-types. The best part about this Eevee evolution though is its complete immunity to Dragon type attacks and super effectiveness against them offensively.

True, Dragon-types aren’t always the most common, but they are among the most powerful. Being able to avoid all damage from this type, along with useful attacks and abilities such as Pixelated, is something worth bragging about, helping Sylveon to stand head and shoulders above all other Eeveelutions.

That does it for our list of the best Eevee evolutions of all time! Agree with our choice? Let us know in the comments down below!

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