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7 Anime Like Planet With if You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Anime Like Planet With if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Even in a season with less than stellar offerings, there can still be a new series that manages to impress. Case in point: Planet With, a refreshing take on the mech genre with an interesting take on morality. Between its story and the dynamics their characters created between each other, there was plenty to love about the series. All good things must end though, and for those who have seen the credits roll on Planet With, these seven shows will fill its void better than any other.

7 Anime Like Planet With if you’re Looking for Something Similar



It’s hard to say exactly what FLCL is. On one hand, it’s a tale of a young boy who is bored with his hum-drum life in a town where nothing ever happens. Only for a strange woman named Haruko to shake everything up by nailing him in the head with her guitar.

On the other hand, it’s a Shonen-Mecha hybrid with over the top fights between robots from space. It might even be a heady critique on adolescence, with many old fans now eager to dive into what its acid trip visuals meant in terms of a larger message.

FLCL could be any of these things, but one thing is for certain. There are few shows as fun and out there as FLCL. The show does whatever it wants whenever it wants, with little regard for how much sense its plot makes or whether it has a good reason to show its next robot battle.

It revels in the tropes afforded to anime, and loves to put them front and center whenever the opportunity presents itself. If the free-spirited nature of Planet With felt refreshing to you, there’s little doubt this show can’t make you feel the same way.

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