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Spider-Man PS4: What the Tallest Building in NYC Is


Spider-Man PS4: What the Tallest Building in NYC Is

The Tallest Building in NYC in Spider-Man PS4

Update: Thanks to reader Bryon, we’ve been able to verify that the tallest building in NYC in Spider-Man PS4 is actually the Freedom Tower standing at 449m. Both the Empire State Building (442m) and the Avengers Tower (425m) are big contenders for the tallest building in NYC in Spider-Man PS4, but don’t quite beat out the Freedom Tower.

Developed by Insomniac Games, Spider-Man is a brand new game releasing exclusively for the PS4. In this one, you’ll take control of a slightly more mature Peter Parker as he swings his way around Manhattan to beat up some bad guys, including Mister Negative. The game also features characters like MJ and Miles Morales. As you swing from building to building in the city, you might find yourself wondering what the tallest building in New York City actually is. Well, it just so happens that we have the answer to that question.

We believe that the tallest building in this Spider-Man PS4’s version of New York City is actually the Avengers Tower. While the Avengers themselves won’t actually appear in the game, it’s still nice to see the building as a symbol of the heroes who are helping to protect this universe. The tower itself is located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, near Central Park. Once you’re in the area, look for a police department, and the Avengers Tower should be right next to it. You can climb all the way up, then bungie jump all the way back down to the ground if you want, just for fun. There’s also a trophy associated with finding the tallest building in the game, so it’s worth the trip if you’re into that.

In the Marvel universe, the Avengers Tower is also known as Stark Tower because it was built by Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man. It serves as the headquarters for the Marvel superheroes, and while we might not get a glimpse of them in this game, the tower’s existence could be hinting at potential future Marvel games for the other characters.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our wiki for more information on Spider-Man on PS4.

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