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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: What the Download and Install Size Is


Shadow of the Tomb Raider: What the Download and Install Size Is

Download and Install Size for Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will finally be releasing for consoles and PC this month, and it serves as the final part in the rebooted trilogy that sees protagonist Lara Croft transform into the tomb raiding badass we all know her as. This latest entry looks much darker than the first two, and Lara will be continuing her battle against the mysterious organization Trinity, while accompanied by her trusted friend Jonah. If you’re planning on getting the game digitally, you’ll probably want to know how much space you need to clear on your hard drive. Thankfully, we have that information ready for you.

The download and install size for Shadow of the Tomb Raider weighs in at around 24.8 GB, which actually isn’t too bad, considering the fact that most major games these days usually take up at least 40 GB worth of hard drive space. Tomb Raider is about half that size, but that doesn’t mean it’s a short game. Just like the previous two entries, this one also features a hub world where you can pool your resources and craft better gear, along with various other areas that you can explore as the story goes on. Aside from that, there are also plenty of other optional tombs that you can explore, which will offer you more resources and materials to help Lara get stronger.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 usually allow you to download and pre-load the game a few days before release, so if you don’t have a great internet connection, you can download the game early so it’s ready to go the second it launches. Since the download size is below 30 GB for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, it shouldn’t take you too long to complete the install.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

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