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FIFA 19: How to Do a Low Cross


FIFA 19: How to Do a Low Cross

How to Do a Low Cross in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is filled with so many weird and wonderful techniques that you may not be aware of at first, and mastering them is key if you want to really excel in competitive play. A cross is a dandy pass from out wide towards a teammate in the middle, and if timed correctly, it can catch your opponents off-guard and set up your strikers with a sudden scoring opportunity. Here’s how to do a low cross in FIFA 19.

A low cross functions much like a regular cross, albeit it goes along the ground instead of through the air. In order to do a low cross in FIFA 19, you’ll have to triple tap the cross button. Doing so should send the ball across the field and hopefully put you in position to score a goal, maybe with Timed Finishing. Obviously, you do run the risk of interception, so make sure there aren’t any opposing players nearby who may get in the way.

The cross button is Square on PlayStation 4, X on Xbox One, and Y on Nintendo Switch, in case you were scratching your head while you try to do a low cross in FIFA 19.

If you’re still bewildered, befuddled and besmirched, you may need to brush up on your soccer skills. Fear not, for Twinfinite has got your back! Our FIFA 19 wiki is loaded with all of the knowledge you’ll need to challenge the league, whether you want to learn the basics, or if you’re ready to progress onto the more advanced techniques. We’re constantly adding new guides as we go, so why not bookmark it for easy access? That way you’ll stay in the know, and stay on top of your game.

For now, that’s all there is for how to do a low cross in FIFA 19. As always, stay right here with Twinfinite for the lowdown on all things gaming, anime and pop culture. Unlike Robert Green, we don’t let anything slip through our grasp!

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