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FIFA 19: How to Score Flair Shots

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FIFA 19: How to Score Flair Shots

How to Score Flair Shots in FIFA 19

Here’s everything you need to know about how to score flair shots in FIFA 19.

This year, EA is adding a lot of new flair to the latest entry into its soccer franchise, FIFA 19. A New Game mode, the finale of The Journey, and a whole lot of new roster and technical improvements are on the way.

But while these new features will certainly freshen things up a bit, the core of the gameplay will always come down to scoring goals. But what is the point in winning if you don’t do it with a little bit of flair?

FIFA franchise veterans know that it isn’t simply enough to beat your opponent. Instead, you need to look good while you are doing it. As such, you are going to want to learn how to score flair shots in FIFA 19 once you’ve gotten down the basics. Like past games in the series, flair shots are essentially just trick shots (Rabona shot, Back heel, etc.).

In order to score flair shots in FIFA 19, first make sure you have a lot of room. That’s because flair shots tend to take a lot more time than regular ones. Once you are in the best position possible to score, you’ll need to do hold down the L2/LT button while you press the Circle/B button.

The result will either be a glorious finish or a pompous miss. The easiest way to make sure you pull this type of shot off is to already be passed the opposing goalie in the box. However it’s rare to come upon such an opportunity when trying to score flair shots in FIFA 19.

That’s it for how to score flair shots in FIFA 19. For more help, be sure to check out all of our FIFA 19 guides, found via the FIFA 19 wiki.


Question: How do you score flair shots in FIFA 19?

Answer: You need to hold L2/LT at the same time as pressing circle/B to shoot.

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