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Dragon Quest XI: How to Get the Cat Suit


Dragon Quest XI: How to Get the Cat Suit

How to Get the Cat Suit in Dragon Quest XI

One of the best things in almost every JRPG is the different costumes you can give your characters, and the same stays true in Dragon Quest XI. During your journey, you can pick up plenty of different outfits and costumes for your character, giving them a fresh look apart from their typical clothes. One particular outfit you can get in Dragon Quest XI is the Cat Suit –an adorable outfit that looks perfect on your party member. If you want one for yourself, here’s how to get the Cat Suit in the game.

This outfit is tucked away in Gondolia, where you’ll have to use your bargaining skills to get the Cat Suit at a great price. Once you reach the entrance of the city, you’ll come across two different merchants: the first one is located at the entrance of the city on the left side, while the second one is up a flight of stairs just beyond the first merchant. These two are actually brothers, and you’ll need to talk to the both of them to get your new outfit in Dragon Quest XI. Keep talking to both brothers and continue to refuse their offer until you manage to get the Cat Suit down to the price of 1,000 gold. Once it’s dropped that low, you can finally buy it and be the owner of your very own Cat Suit in Dragon Quest XI.

The Cat Suit is a cosmetic item and can be equipped by Veronica. To give her the new costume, just equip it like it’s any other piece of armor you get in the game. If you’re hunting for more costumes or need some tips and tricks on Dragon Quest XI, be sure to take a look at out ever-expanding wiki for more help.

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