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When Best Buy Charges for Preorders


When Best Buy Charges for Preorders

When Best Buy Charges for Preorders

Looking for when Best Buy Charges for Preorders? We have your answer.

As we enter the busiest season of the year for video game releases, there’s a stack of highly anticipated games soon to release. It’s going to be a challenge to decide which to play and a real battle to do anything productive once they’re finally in our hands. For some, the process of actually getting copies of the games we’re most excited about means visiting the shop store, while others prefer the convenience of buying digitally and having everything download from the comfort of their own home. The other option, of course, is to preorder the game and have a retailer deliver it to your doorstep. No doubt if you’re reading this guide, you’ve already lined up your purchase and are waiting for Best Buy to start putting everything into motion. In case you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs with anxiety wondering when they charge for preorders, then, here’s the answer.

There are two charge processes that Best Buy initiate on your card, and they’re both for the full sum of the game purchase. Don’t worry, though, the first one is just to ensure that you’ve actually got enough money in the account, and once that’s been established they’ll refund the money straight back to your card. The full price charge will only then be taken only once the game has actually been dispatched from Best Buy on launch day.

If you’ve encountered any difficulty with preordering games, however, you should certainly call the customer service line for Best Buy.

That’s all you need to know about when Best Buy charges for preorders on any games that you’ve purchased through them. For more useful information, guides, and general tips on gaming be sure to search Twinfinite.

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