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6 Things to Do After Beating Dragon Quest XI (Post Game & Endgame)


6 Things to Do After Beating Dragon Quest XI (Post Game & Endgame)

After you’ve beaten Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, there’s still plenty of content to dig into. Here are some things to do after you’ve beaten Dragon Quest XI (both post game and endgame content). If you’re interested in more Dragon Quest XI posts, check out our wiki guide over here!

Keep Going, the Story Isn’t Over

What to Do After Beating Dragon Quest XI (Post Game & Endgame)

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By the end of Dragon Quest XI you’ll probably have somewhere in the range of 70-90 hours, nothing to laugh at for sure. You’ve saved the day, brought light to the world, and the credits roll, but things aren’t quite over.

After the credits roll you’ll see the message “to be continued.” At this point all you need to do is load up the save the game has you make afterward and, boom, you’ve got another whole section of the game to play through, in order to get the true ending.

This is more than just an ancillary add-on, however, as this sizable story section can add another 20-40 hours.

We should note too that Dragon Quest XI gets significantly more difficult after its first ending, adding in some seriously tough bosses and enemies.

This is where the real challenge starts, so make sure you’re grinding levels and getting the very best equipment you can.

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