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We Happy Few: How to Crouch


We Happy Few: How to Crouch

A Brave New World

How to Crouch in We Happy Few

So survival horror dystopia fest We Happy Few has finally released after years of waiting. This Orwellian Brave New World is actually a really neat medley of a game, combing a bunch of interesting mechanics all together. So, while it may look like Bioshock, that’s pretty much all it has in common! Here, we’ll be going over how to crouch within the game. Gather around, kiddos.

So, in We happy Few, you’re dropped into a dangerous landscape full of people who would rather have you dead than upset. It’s pretty messed up, and you need to have your wits about you to survive.

Naturally, in a hellscape like the one I’m describing, you’re going to want to be able to get out of harm’s way easily and sneak around. Crouching is pretty much your best bet in doing so. It can have a variety of uses, like sneaking up on foes to do a takedown, rustling through an abandoned house for loot, and evading those bobbies who want to put you back on your Joy.

To crouch in We Happy Few, all you have to do is hit B on your Xbox One controller, or C on your keyboard. Your character will be extra silent now. But, remember, you’re not invisible! Don’t try crouching right in front of someone’s face. You’re going to want to first lure their attention away by throwing some rocks or pebbles or what have you. Then you’ll actually be in the clear.

Use this to your advantage when you’re out there in the wasteland foraging for Jimmy Bars and placebos. That’s about all there is to the crouch command in We Happy Few! If you need any other help, simply leave us a comment down below, check out our wiki, or use our search bar to get yourself that answer.

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