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Two Point Hospital: How to Rotate Items


Two Point Hospital: How to Rotate Items

How to Rotate Items in Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital’s simulation and micromanagement responsibilities can bring you a sense of satisfaction like few others once you’ve gotten everything under control. Diagnosing this, curing that – away you go, wonder physician! You have dedicated yourself to healing the world, and you have proven yourself worthy.

This is, unless you begin to get overwhelmed with the minutia that comes with running a hospital. Forgetting how to do simple things in Two Point Hospital can lead to the issues mounting up, and soon you’ll be in quite the state, frantically scrambling to recollect your thoughts, dispensing erroneous amputations and superfluous lollipops with reckless abandon. Worst case scenario.

One handy thing you should always keep in mind in Two Point Hospital is how to rotate items. This may seem like a minor concern, but being able to reorientate stuff can mean the difference between an efficient workplace and a snack machine blocking all of the hallways.

You can rotate items with the Z and X keys. Alternatively, you may hold down the left mouse button and drag it around to rotate things. Whichever control scheme you prefer, you’d best get used to it early. Our general recommendation is to familiarize yourself with the basics in the early stages, before things begin to become too hectic.

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