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Twitch Announces Pokémon Streaming Marathon, Kicks off Later This Month

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Twitch Announces Pokémon Streaming Marathon, Kicks off Later This Month

Twitch has announced Pokémon as the latest series to receive a marathon stream, with viewers able to dive into the entire series later this month.

In a post to Twitter via the outlet’s official account, Twitch announced that they would stream every episode of every season of the hit series, as well as every film, in a marathon starting Aug. 27 at 10 a.m. PST. For reference, that totals up to 932 episodes and 16 films, and several months of streaming. The marathon will run non-stop until it has run through the entire catalogue of media, and can be accessed any time via the official stream link.

The marathon is the latest to be offered by the platform which typically sees streaming content from video game speed-runners, lets-players and so on. However, the platform has found success in its long-form streams of different properties across pop culture , or with a unique spin on the content, in recent years. Power Rangers recently capped off a marathon stream going through every one of its series from across the years, and a live play through of the original Pokémon drew thousands of viewers on a regular basis.

For more on all things Twitch, check out the company’s recent announcement of their plan to end the commercial-free benefits from Twitch Prime.

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