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Spider-Man’s Open World Trailer Explores a Vibrant Virtual New York

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Spider-Man’s Open World Trailer Explores a Vibrant Virtual New York

A new trailer has been released for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, courtesy of IGN, and it provides a detailed look at the lush, vibrant open world of New York City. The trailer is pitched as an episode of “Just the Facts” with J. Jonah Jameson as he receives a call from a listener named, uh, Peter Patterson.

Of course, Jameson is there providing his usual critical assessment of the web-slinger, while Peter defends the hero. During the conversation, we get a good look at Spider-Man’s traversal abilities as he swings, dashes, and jumps all around the city. The Big Apple itself looks gorgeous with all the different locals you might expect out a virtual version of New York like nightclubs, construction areas, parks, and more. As we’ve seen before, Spidey can interact with the citizens as well, taking pictures with them, giving high fives, and flashing finger guns. There’s even a scene that features someone sleeping on Spidey’s shoulder in the subway. Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot a nice shot of Avenger’s Tower around the 42 second mark. You can watch the full trailer down below.

Marvel’s Spider-Man launches on Sept. 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4. If you happened to miss the launch trailer that also released this week, you can take a look at that here. Make sure to also check out the snazzy red special edition PS4 Pro launching alongside the game next month.

What aspect of Spider-Man are you most excited about; story, open world, combat? Let us know down in the comments below.

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