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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Lean When Aiming Down Sights


Rainbow Six Siege: How to Lean When Aiming Down Sights

Get peaking round those corners

How to Lean in Rainbow Six Siege While Aiming Your Gun

Rainbow Six Siege has players stealthily navigating maps, taking out terrorists and completing objectives. On the harder difficulties, this can get pretty gruelling and so players will need every trick and ability they can get their hands on to give them a much-needed advantage.

During the Situation mission Tubular Assault, one of the objectives you must complete in order to get three stars is to ‘kill two enemies while leaning’ during the tutorial video for this mission, however, it is not mentioned exactly how you’re supposed to do this. While many will be eagerly trying to find out how to lean so they can three star this mission, leaning around a corner can be a particularly handy trick to use when pinned down in combat and can get you out of some pretty sticky situations.

To lean while aiming in Rainbow Six Siege, you must first use the left trigger on both the Xbox One (LT) or PlayStation 4 (L2) to aim down your sights. Once in this viewpoint, all you need to do is click L3 or R3 (push down on the left or right sticks) and your operator will lean over to the corresponding side. You can do this at any point when aiming down your sights and you don’t even have to be behind cover. However, looking around corners just became a whole lot safer.

It’s definitely something you need to keep in mind while playing competitively online in Rainbow Six Siege, because your opponents will absolutely be leaning, too. This will help you to peak around the corner and not have a huge body, ripe for the shootin’.

Have you got any tips for fellow Rainbow Six Siege gamers? Share them in the comments below. If you have any questions about the game, too, you should write them in the comments below. We’ll do our best to help you figure out the problem!

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