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Monster Hunter World: Elderseal Explained – Everything You Need to Know


Monster Hunter World: Elderseal Explained – Everything You Need to Know

Elderseal Explained in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is home to many dangerous creatures, but none are as fearsome and powerful as the Elder Dragons. These beasts are savages that can obliterate you in a hit or two, proving to be formidable foes. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll probably find yourself carted off back to base, or even worse, failing the quest. Luckily, the game has introduced a new mechanic called the Elderseal, giving you a fighting chance at taking down the Elder Dragons. For a quick rundown, here’s what the Elderseal does in Monster Hunter: World.

There Elderseal is a new attribute that’s exclusive to Monster Hunter: World, applying a new effect to certain weapons. Only select weapon trees come with this powerful attribute, and even so, it’s hardly effective against normal monsters. However, when used against the Kirin or Teostra, you’ll find that these weapons are definitely worth using. These special beasts in Monster Hunter: World each have their own specific combat abilities that make it harder to take them down, such as the Kirin’s special thunder armor that hardens its body. When using an Elderseal, you can negate these effects and stagger the Elder Dragon while you’re at it. Without this attribute, you’ll probably be dishing out little to no damage against a Kirin’s hardened skin or getting blasted by the Teostra’s Supernova.

The Elderseal effects can range from reducing fire armor, wind aura, or even suppressing effluvia buildup depending on which monster you’re fighting against. Needless to say, you’ll probably want to bring along a weapon with an Elderseal when hunting Elder Dragons, but take note that this affinity might not work against all of these enemies in Monster Hunter: World.

If you’re still having trouble with Monster Hunter: World, you can check out our wiki for more tips and tricks on the game.

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