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Mafia III: How to Switch Weapons


Mafia III: How to Switch Weapons

How to Switch Weapons in Mafia III

Mafia III has a ton of firefights for players to undergo. This is pretty standard, with it being a mob game, after all. There’s always a perfect weapon for any given situation in Mafia III, which is why it’s great that you’re allowed to switch in the middle of combat. There are two different ways to switch weapons, though, each of which can be useful in different situations.

The first method is by quickly switching. This is done when you tap L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One. This will switch your current weapon with the last one you had used. You can keep switching back and forth between these two different options by continuously tapping L1 (PS4) or LB (Xbox One). For example, you can have an assault rifle for crowds, then a pistol for a bit more accuracy on a single enemy if you’d like. Then, you can on the fly switch them up as the situations calls you to.

The second method for this is done by holding down L1 or LB instead of tapping them to bring up your weapon wheel. This allows you to select from any of your currently carried weapons. You bring up the wheel and then you highlight whichever one you want to bring on out.

This won’t be necessary when you first start, as you’ll only be able to carry two different guns (one pistol and anything else you pick up). But later on, as you unlock more slots, this will most likely become your preferred way of doing things as new challenges present themselves.

That’s all there is to it! You know how to switch weapons in Mafia III easily now. If you have any other questions, you can leave one in the comments down below, you can also check out our wiki for the game as it has guides all listed there, or you can search using our built-in search bar on the top right-hand corner of the site.

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