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Here’s How Twitter Reacted to Luigi’s Death in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

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Here’s How Twitter Reacted to Luigi’s Death in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

Today, Nintendo, nigh, the world, said goodbye to one of gaming’s most important characters. While viewers from around the world watched as Masahiro Sakurai announced incoming fighters, new stages, new assist trophies and more in today’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct, and did so with delight, not a single member of the audience was warned of the impending doom of our beloved plumber. And no, we aren’t talking about Mario. That guy’s a bore. We’re talking about the smarter, taller, more handsome, more effective and all-around better brother of the Mario bros: Luigi. You read that right. Ladies and gentlemen, Luigi is dead.

While showing off the new Castlevania stage, which will serve as the home of not only the new fighter Simon Belmont, but his echo fighter, Richter, as well, we saw Luigi do all he could to survive.

Sadly, Luigi was first scared to death and then quite literally, consumed by death, or at least his life was (and if you haven’t seen it, go check it out — Nintendo is not holding back these days).

As a result of this death, fans of the green guy flocked to Twitter in droves to pour one out for the world’s best fighter, turn his death into a meme and express their feelings toward Sakurai and his decision regarding Luigi today.

With that said, here’s how Twitter reacted to Luigi’s death.

I don’t like this next Tweet one bit. Highlight? How dare you!

Even Diplo weighed in.

You’re damn right he is.

And my personal favorite, if not just in effort:

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