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The Best Sims 3 Expansions: All 11 Ranked (Worst to Best)


The Best Sims 3 Expansions: All 11 Ranked (Worst to Best)

Which sprinkle atop the vanilla was best?

The Sims 3 had 11 iconic expansions that fans no doubt think back fondly upon. Well… some of them, at least. When it comes to The Sims 3’s expansions, which one is the best one, though? Let’s give you the definitive, best Sims 3 expansions, shall we? Here, we have a ranking from worst to best. Enjoy, and let me know in the comments down below which one’s your favorite! And if you’re interested in knowing some awesome TS3 mods you should download, check this list out over here!

The Best Sims 3 Expansions

11. Supernatural in The Sims 3

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Let’s be real, this The Sims 3 expansion came out when Twilight was all the rave and weird Supernatural stuff was totally in. In reality, though, this expansion is pretty worthless and too out there. If you’re into roleplaying supernatural scenarios, it’s perfect.

But for those looking to raise a regular family, dealing with the annoying full moon zombie attacks and having majority of the town’s population turn into werewolves or vampires over time is too much.

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