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Newly Revealed Valkyria Chronicles 4 Opening Movie Brings Back All The Good Feels

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Newly Revealed Valkyria Chronicles 4 Opening Movie Brings Back All The Good Feels

It’s a wonder why it took this long for Sega to just give us a proper follow up to the original Valkyria Chronicles. If you think about it, it’s been over ten years since we got a true, proper next game in the Valkyria Chronicles series. Which is crazy since so many people loved the original, myself included.

The PSP sequel was fine but the smaller scale ripped out some of the fun, and the third game never made it out of Japan. Valkyria Revolution was… a game. It was something that our reviewer for it, senior editor Hayes Madsen, enjoyed. But not most other people? Not so much. The reception overall was lukewarm at best.

That’s why the newly revealed opening movie shared today on Sega America’s YouTube channel feels so nostalgic and comforting.  It’s just a corny trailer that’s going to play if you wait too long to press start, but it passes the eye test on what we want Valkyria Chronicles 4 to look like.

Loop this lovely short movie with the more tangible reason to get excited for Valkyria Chronicles 4, namely how great it felt to play at E3 2018, and we can see that Sega is – thankfully – is not giving us many reasons to feel worried about Valkyria Chronicles 4; a game that a lot of people could have legitimate reasons to be worried about based on recent history.


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