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Octopath Traveler: Story and Ending Summary (Spoilers)


Octopath Traveler: Story and Ending Summary (Spoilers)

Octopath Traveler Story and Ending Summary

Octopath Traveler features eight different characters, all with their own unique story arcs. There’s some overlap between the stories, but for the most part, they’re all self-contained. This article contains major spoilers, so naturally, if you want to go into the game fresh, look away now.


Ophilia’s story starts off in Flamesgrace, where we find out she was adopted by the bishop there, and she soon became fast friends with his daughter Lianna. Lianna was originally supposed to claim Aelfric’s flame and go on a sacred pilgrimage around Orsterra to bring the fire to other cathedrals. However, when the bishop falls ill, Lianna is distraught. Ophilia then decides to take the flame herself and go on the pilgrimage in Lianna’s place. She also meets Mattias, who claims to be there to help with preparations for the pilgrimage.

In Saintsbridge, she meets a boy named Emil, who is having problems with his friends Derryl and Nate. Derryl’s mother had passed away, and Emil misplaced her brooch. While trying to locate it so that Derryl would forgive him, Emil ends up running into the forest. Ophilia and Derryl chase after him, and she manages to protect the boys from a beast. The boys then become friends again.

Ophilia’s next destination is Goldshore, where she meets Mattias again. In the cathedral, bishop Donovan appears distracted, and we later find out that his daughter was kidnapped. If he wanted to see her again, he would have to take the flame from Ophilia and deliver it to the kidnappers. Ophilia decides to confront the bandits herself, and she manages to rescue the girl. However, just when she’s about to return to Flamesgrace, Lianna shows up to tell her that their father has passed away. Lianna then drugs Ophilia and takes the flame away. When Ophilia wakes up, she learns that Lianna has gone to Wispermill.

At Wispermill, she finds out that Mattias has been leading a cult that opposes the teachings of the Sacred Flame, and he plans to have Lianna assist him in a ritual to summon the Dark God Galdera. Lianna hopes that by participating in the ritual, she’d be able to resurrect her father. Ophilia eventually manages to remind her of their father’s words when they were younger, and that all life must come to an end. Lianna comes to her senses, and Ophilia manages to take down Mattias. They then return to Flamesgrace, where Ophilia and Lianna are reconciled.


Cyrus starts off as a professor in Atlasdam, and we see him tutoring his two students: the young girl Therese, and Princess Mary. Unbeknownst to him, Therese has a crush on him, but occasionally feels jilted because Mary is the more studious of the two, and Cyrus is easily excited by the prospect of his students studying hard. When Cyrus finds out that a tome from the school archives is missing, he then goes on an investigation and eventually finds out that his colleague Russell had stolen it. He confronts Russell, and manages to retrieve the tome. He then gets called to Headmaster Yvon’s office, where he finds out he’s been accused of having illicit relations with Mary. The Headmaster’s assistant Lucia suggests sending Cyrus away on a sabbatical to avoid drama. Cyrus agrees, thinking this would be a great opportunity to look for a tome that’s been missing from the archives for years, From the Far Reaches of Hell.

He first sets off to Quarrycrest, where he meets an old friend Odette. She informs him that several townspeople have been going missing, and when Cyrus investigates, he learns that a mage has been using people for experiments in blood magic. Upon defeating the mage, he also sees that he had an abridged copy of From the Far Reaches of Hell. He then travels to Stonegard to see if he can find the person who translated the tome for him.

At Stonegard, he tracks down the translator, who reveals that Headmaster Yvon was the one who gave him the job. Lucia also shows up at Stonegard, and asks for Cyrus’ help in taking down the Headmaster. They head to his old house in town, where Lucia traps him inside, and Yvon shows up to gloat. Cyrus isn’t trapped for long, however, as Therese shows up to free him from his cell. However, Yvon takes her away, and Cyrus gives chase to rescue Therese. Yvon transforms into a blood monster himself, and just before he dies, he mentions that he was betrayed. Therese reveals to him that Yvon had been talking about going to Duskbarrow after he’d taken care of Cyrus.

At Duskbarrow, Cyrus tracks down Lucia again, who is revealed to be the mastermind who manipulated Yvon into stealing the tome. He follows Lucia into some ancient ruins, and sees that she has a whole secret library of forbidden knowledge. He also finds information about the Gate of Finis, which was used to bring the Dark God Galdera back into the human realm. Cyrus takes down Lucia, then goes back to Atlasdam to continue his studies.


Tressa is a simple merchant living in Rippletide. One day, she comes across Leon Bastralle, a notorious pirate turned merchant, who teaches her the value of having a true treasure in her life. She receives a journal from him, which is full of adventures noted down by the book’s unknown owner. She is then inspired to go on a journey of her own.

Her first stop is Quarrycrest, where she meets a fellow merchant, Ali, and the two start a friendly rivalry. Tressa eventually encounters Morlock, the cruel overlord of Quarrycrest who’s been under-paying his miners. After he kidnaps Ali, Tressa goes to rescue him. Ali tells her that she should go to Grandport for the Merchants’ Fair once she’s found a good treasure to sell.

Her next stop is Victors Hollow, where she meets Leon again. She manages to acquire a map that was owned by Leon’s long-deceased friend, and it leads her to a location nearby, where he’s hidden a valuable gem called eldrite. She retrieves it and brings it to Leon, but he tells her to keep it, saying that having the map itself was good enough for him.

Tressa then goes to Grandport, where she plans on showing off the eldrite. She meets a young girl Noa, who talks about how she longs to go on an adventure herself, too. Later on, we find out that the Merchants’ Fair was hosted by Lord Wyndham so that he could buy a treasure for his daughter to make her happy. His daughter is revealed to be Noa. Before the Fair starts, a woman named Esmeralda steals the journal from Tressa. With Ali’s help, she tracks down Esmeralda and takes the journal back. During the Fair, she puts the journal itself up for auction, and says she hopes it will help inspire Noa to see the world for herself. Noa tells Wyndham that she wants the journal, and he buys it for her.

Later on, we meet a diarist named Ing who tells Tressa that he was the one who made that journal. It was owned by an adventurer named Graham Crossford, who traveled around the world and jotted down his findings. Tressa then decides that it’s time to go back home.


Years ago, Olberic’s homeland Hornburg fell with the death of his king. His friend, the knight Erhardt had betrayed them and killed the king himself. Olberic’s story starts in Cobbleston, where he’s a hedge knight protecting the small town. When bandits attack. Olberic tracks them down and finds out that their leader was acquainted with Erhardt. After defeating him, he goes to Victors Hollow in search of a man named Gustav who can tell him more.

At Victors Hollow, he enters a tournament, and faces off against Gustav. Gustav reveals that Erhardt had betrayed Hornburg because the king failed to protect his town when they were raided by bandits. He also says that Erhardt can be found at Wellspring.

Olberic arrives at Wellspring and learns that Erhardt now spends his days protecting the town. After reuniting with the knight and helping him fend off hostile Lizardmen, Olberic sees that Erhardt is repentant, and he manages to best him in a duel. Erhardt reveals that he was part of a mercenary band, under the leadership of a man named Werner, who was the one who plotted the downfall of Hornburg.

Olberic then travels to Riverford and finds that the whole city is under Werner’s control. He teams up with the local resistance to take down Werner, who reveals that he brought down Hornburg because that was where the Gate of Finis was supposed to be located, and he wanted to see it for himself. After that, Olberic returns to Cobbleston.

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