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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Give Resources & Items to Friends


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Give Resources & Items to Friends

How to Give Resources & Items to Friends in No Man’s Sky

The NEXT update for No Man’s Sky goes live this week, almost two years after the game’s release in Aug. 2016. The new, major update gives the game a visual overhaul, unlimited base-building, and the ability to command a fleet of frigates in space. The biggest feature of the update, though, is the addition of proper multiplayer so you and your friends can explore the universe together. Of course, it’d be handy if you could give resources and other items to your friends in No Man’s Sky to help them along on their adventure, so let’s talk you through how to do just that.

No Man’s Sky was supposedly to launch with multiplayer, confirmed by Hello Games head Sean Murray, but did not. It was not until the 1.3 “Atlas Rises” update exactly a year later that there was some form of multiplayer. Called “Joint Exploration,” it allowed up to 16 players to roam around one universe. Unfortunately, the No Man’s Sky players would be randomized and appear as Glitches, or floating orbs, who could not do much outside of merely existing.

With proper multiplayer comes inviting your friends to explore space and work together on completing objectives and building bases. Since they are real players with physical bodies, they also have physical inventories.

To give resources and items to friends and other players in No Man’s Sky, you’ll of course, need the NEXT update installed. Once you’ve got that done, you can give resources and items to players within your teleport range, by pressing Triangle (Y on Xbox One) to transfer items from your exo-suit’s inventory. After that, simply select the friend you want to give the resources and items to, and they’ll be sent over to their exo-suit’s inventory, too.

That is how to give resources and items to any friends in No Man’s Sky. The game originally launched for PC and PlayStation 4 in Aug. 2016, and is releasing for Xbox One on July 24 this week. Check back with Twinfinite for more coverage on the game, and our extensive wiki for more guides.

Here’s a video guide explaining how to transfer items and materials to friends or other players in the game, if you prefer something visual.

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