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MapleStory M: How to Auto Battle and What it Does


MapleStory M: How to Auto Battle and What it Does

How to Auto Battle in MapleStory M and What it Does

MapleStory M features lots of automation if you want to take the game up on it. Right in the beginning of the game you can utilize an auto quest feature that will run around and complete quests for you without you having to do a thing other than keep the dialogue moving. It makes MapleStory M incredible accessible to those that might have a hard time with mobile games, for younger players still learning how to play video games in general, or also just for people that want to be lazy. For auto quest to work though, you need to be trying to complete an active quest. It won’t just do stuff for you without one. That’s where auto battle comes in.

Auto battle in MapleStory M is unlocked at level 20 and works a bit differently than auto quest. Auto battle is a farming/leveling tool which, when activated, will start to seek out enemies and fight anything around it for up to two hours a day. After two hours, you’ll stop, and will need to use either an auto battle ticket (purchasable with real-life money), or fight yourself again.

There are a number of perks for using this mechanic in MapleStory M. First, and most obvious, is that you don’t need to be physically present to control it. So say you wanted to do some light farming while out of the house, you can set MapleStory M onto auto battle in an area where you want to farm or level up, and the game will do all the work for you, albeit maybe not as efficiently if you were to just do it yourself, but hey it’s free work! Second, while in auto battle, drop rates for equipment are raised so it can be an effective farming tool if you’re looking for a specific drop.

If you decide to stop auto battle, the timer will end and you can use your remaining time later.

That does it for how to use auto battle and what it does in MapleStory M. Have fun, well, not playing and doing something else!

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