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GTA V: How to Get a Firetruck


GTA V: How to Get a Firetruck

How to Get a Firetruck in GTA V

You can’t live forever on a petty life of crime, you know. Eventually, you’ll have to put all of this ugliness behind you and focus on a more honest career, and what better way than to become a fireman? Saving lives, braving the harsh elements, and working in conjunction as a team. Why, that’s the kind of dream that’s worth supporting! …Or more likely, you just want something heavy you can ram into other vehicles. In which case, your petty life of crime will actually prove quite handy if you’re keen on getting a firetruck in GTA V.

There are occasional times where your mission in GTA V will require a firetruck, and you have a few different options to acquire one. Firstly, they can be found parked outside of Los Santos Fire Department buildings around the map, so if you know of one in your local area, feel free to pay them a visit and hope that nobody notices your intrusion.

However, the much more desirable option is to make the firetrucks come directly to you, like your own personal delivery service. To summon the Fire Department in GTA V, dial 911 on your cell phone (either manually or by selecting it among the Emergency Services contacts), then requesting the fire department. They’ll arrive in short order, giving you the opportunity to borrow their vehicle for your own sinister gain.

Finally, if you’d rather opt for the ‘chaotic evil’ route, you can force the fire department to attend by starting a fire. The easiest way to do this is by blowing up some cars and ensuring that a steady flame remains lit. Again, they’ll hit the scene, and you can do your dirty work.

For more tips, tricks and shenanigans on GTA V, make sure to stay right here on Twinfinite! We’re just as much fun as a firetruck, and twice as shiny.

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