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Vampyr: Are There Cheats? Everything You Need to Know


Vampyr: Are There Cheats? Everything You Need to Know

Are There Vampyr Cheats? Answer Below

Vampyr isn’t too easy of an experience for players. If you don’t care at all and don’t mind sucking the blood out of any citizen, you’ll have a slew of XP to work with. This is the game’s primary way of letting you level up fast. It has its consequences, though. If you’re going around killing people all willy nilly, you’ll definitely gather attention. But you’ll also be an all-powerful vampire. But you’ll miss out on some great trophies. It’s a hard life, being immortal. These choices change how you play the game entirely, and with how difficult the combat in the game can be, it’s natural you’re asking whether or not there are cheats to give yourself an easy way out.

Unfortunately, though, there are no cheats you can use in Vampyr. Your best bet to “cheat” would be to just mesmerize and embrace anyone that comes your way.

Keep in mind you need to have a mesmerize level that’s higher than their’s, though!

That’s all there is to cheats in Vampyr! If you need more information on the game, you can leave us a comment down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, or you can check out our comprehensive wiki. The choice is yours, vampire.

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