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Vampyr: How to Change Difficulty


Vampyr: How to Change Difficulty

How to Change Difficulty in Vampyr

Games have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and the ability to change difficulty is something that’s opened the medium up to a whole new audience, as well as providing an even tougher challenge for veterans. Vampyr, the action-RPG from Life Is Strange developer DONTNOD, tasks you with curing the flu-ravaged city of London, while also trying to stave off your vampiric tendencies… or indulging them. If you’ve been finding that the game’s too easy or difficult, though, you may be wondering where the option to change difficulty in Vampyr is.

Well, the reason you’re probably having trouble finding the option to change difficulty in Vampyr’s settings is that you actually alter the difficulty yourself by the actions you make in the game. If you’re finding that the game is too easy, stop draining the blood of those poor Londoners. This’ll prevent you from being able to access the more powerful Vampyr abilities at Jonathan’s disposal, making combat that bit more difficult.

As such, if you’re finding your jaunt through 1918 London a little too difficult, you’ll want to bite and start drinking the blood of just about every healthy citizen you come across in the game. Remember, if a citizen is suffering from an illness, they won’t have great Blood Quality and, as a result, you won’t get much XP from drinking their blood. Heal them first to improve the quality, then reap the rewards!

That’s all you need to know regarding changing difficulty in Vampyr. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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