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The Sims 4 Producer Says Developer has new Content Planned out for 3 Years


The Sims 4 Producer Says Developer has new Content Planned out for 3 Years

After months of being unsure of the game’s future, fans of The Sims 4 can now rest assured that the game will still see support from Maxis for years to come.

In an interview with Variety, Senior Producer Grant Rodiek revealed that he and his team had already been through talks and discussions regarding content plans for the game up to three years past the release of the game’s next planned DLC package, Seasons. He teased that the Seasons pack is only the “tip of the iceberg,” but didn’t provide any specific details as to what these future plans may offer to players.

The news comes following fears from players and fans that support for the four year old game could end soon, due to the departure of senior Sims 4 development team members from the team earlier this year. This was only worsened by the fact that no firm plans plans have been announced for new content since Seasons’ release date was revealed, it being the last confirmed addition in the company’s original DLC road map.

Rodiek’s response to the fears on Twitter echoed this recent reveal, though again no specifics were given.

The Sims 4: Seasons is slated for release on June 22 for PC and Mac. For more on all things Sims related, check our coverage of The Sims FreePlay’s latest expansion, which allows players’ Sims to become pregnant and have children.

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