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Pokemon GO: How to Get TMs


Pokemon GO: How to Get TMs

How to Get TMs in Pokemon GO

TMs are nothing new to the Pokemon series. They’ve been there since the very first time we left our mom and embarked on our quest to be the very best there ever was, and unsurprisingly, they also show up in the mobile AR spin-off, Pokemon GO. Just as usual, TMs will allow you to teach your Pokemon a new move in Pokemon GO, but with a bit of a twist.

In Pokemon GO, TMs will come in two different forms, Fast TM and Charged TM. As you may have guessed, the Fast TMs will teach your Pokemon a random new Fast move, while Charged TMs do the same but for Charged moves. You’ll need to be level 15 and 25 respectively to even have a chance of getting these, so make sure you’re above these levels first.

As long as you’re above at least level 15 in the game, you should have a chance of getting at least a Fast TM, so how do you get them? TMs have a chance of dropping in Raid Battles, but there’s no guarantee that one is actually going to drop. It’ll all come down to how lucky you are, so just hope that the RNG gods are smiling down on you.

How to Use TMs in Pokemon GO

Once you’ve got a TM you want to use, it’s simply a case of opening up your bag, selecting it, and choosing the Pokemon you want to use it on.

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