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Hidetaka Miyazaki Details Why Déraciné Is for PlayStation VR


Hidetaka Miyazaki Details Why Déraciné Is for PlayStation VR

The creator of Bloodborne and Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is working on a new adventure game, Déraciné, for PlayStation VR. In, Déraciné you will play as an invisible faerie exploring through a boarding school that is frozen in time. Throughout the eerie story, you will find interesting ways to interact with the students who know nothing of your existence as a faerie.

Déraciné is different from recent games by the studio, FromSoftware, which tends to be action-filled and intense, set in a ruthless world. Déraciné, a calm and slow-paced game, seems unlikely to come from such a studio. In an interview with PlayStation during E3, Miyazaki detailed what his upcoming game really is.

Miyazaki explained that many game development studios are inching more and more towards VR games and FromSoftware needed to catch up. He added, “We were trying to find an opportunity to work on a project that would bring is into the fold.” Also, by revisiting FromSoftware’s past of adventure games, Miyazaki decided to combine an old quality of the studio with something they have never tried, which is virtual reality.

Games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls required a larger production team, but Déraciné is being developed by a much smaller team. This way, gathering new ideas while keeping everyone’s maximum interest in the game. However, the upcoming game still carries some features from those two games like fragmented storytelling, a quiet atmosphere, mystery, and visual appeal by making even the dark setting look beautiful.

We still have not seen how the game looks in VR, but FromSoftware may release gameplay footage before the game launches. There is no release date yet for Déraciné, but it is expected for 2018.

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