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Dying Light: How to Fast Travel


Dying Light: How to Fast Travel

How to Fast Travel in Dying Light

Harran, the city in Dying Light, is a massive and dangerous place to traverse, even with all of your exceptional parkour skills. On top of that, there are a ton of different collectibles to find and areas to explore, so you’ll want a way to get around quickly. Dying Light does feature a fast travel system, but it’s a bit limited compared to your typical open world games.

Unfortunately, you can’t travel between different safe houses in the world, as Dying Light’s fast travel system really only lets you travel between its main two hub areas, the Slums and Old Town. First off, you’ll need to have unlocked and traveled to the different areas. Once you’ve done that, there are posters in the main area you’ll need to find in order to travel.

In the Slums, make your way to the tower and find the room with the word “Shop” written on it. Head inside and look to your left and you should see the poster, just interact with it and you’ll be able to travel to Old Town. To travel back to the Slums, locate the safe house that’s furthest to the East in Old Town. Head there, drop into the room, and you should spot the poster on the wall, simply interact with it to head back to the Slums.

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