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The Crew 2: How to Change Clothes


The Crew 2: How to Change Clothes

How to Change Clothes in The Crew 2

Good hygiene is vastly important, and wearing the same outfit as you drive/boat/fly/bike/crash across America can lead to some particularly funky smells in the wardrobe department. Plus, it’s just not cool to wear the same shirt two days in a row. Total fashion faux pas there. Combat this by changing clothes in The Crew 2 to spruce yourself up in some fresh duds!

To change clothes in The Crew 2, you’ll need to head to your house, which is located in the south side of Miami. Amidst your favorite vehicles, you will be able to spot a driving suit and helmet on a stand. Approach it and press X on PS4, or A on Xbox One to interact with it.

Here, you will be able to browse the full range of outfits you have available to you. Cycle through the different types of clothes with L1 and R1 (PS4) or LB and RB (Xbox One), and scroll through the different clothes using the analog stick. Once you have found something you like, press X (PS4) or A (Xbox One) to purchase a new outfit, or to equip one that you already own.

The Crew 2 is the newest open world driving game from Ubisoft, and it allows players to tour across famous locales in America in a massive open world setting. Race through the bustling streets of Los Angeles, take in the sights and sounds in New York City, or drive down the Strip in Las Vegas. Complete missions and take photos as you build your reputation, and amass an impressive range of real vehicles like the BMW M4 and the Porsche 911 Turbo.

It may be hard to find the answers you’re looking for across America (both literally and emotionally), but never fear, for Twinfinite is your hub for tips, tricks and guides – so check out The Crew 2 wiki!

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