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Astroneer: How to Make Tethers


Astroneer: How to Make Tethers

How to Make Tethers in Astroneer

Tethers are a crucial object that you can build in Astroneer which will increase the range in which you can obtain Oxygen from your starting base. Pretty important as without Oxygen, you’re not going to get much done, which includes living. By linking tethers together you can create a mini grid of Oxygen for you to utilize.

To make tethers, you need a compound. Compound is an extremely common resource obtained through mineral extraction. Just one compound is enough to get the job done. Look for these white blocks all over the starting area, you shouldn’t have to go too far.

Press the Q button to bring up the menu, and then place the compound in with the option for Tethers to craft it. After that, place the Tether by pressing, you’ll then be able to put it wherever you want, and provided you’re within range of another tether or building, you tether will automatically connect to it. Depending on what you originally connected the Tether to, you’ll have access to additional power and/or oxygen at a range, which is incredibly helpful early on in the game before you have other advanced structures set up to aid you.

It’s color coded, blue lines means oxygen is running through it, black means nothing.

That does it for how to make tethers in Astroneer. If you’re still having trouble feel free to leave us a comment so we can help you out.

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