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Swery’s The Good Life Gets a New Trailer Post Kickstarter Funding Success

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Swery’s The Good Life Gets a New Trailer Post Kickstarter Funding Success

Swery’s unique and adorable RPG The Good Life has officially been funded, and the Kickstarter campaign is complete. Now, Swery has bright days in his future. With that in mind, he’s released a brand new trailer giving an overview of what to expect from the adorable RPG when it finally comes to fruition.

The Good Life originally sought funding via crowdfunding platform Fig, but Swery made some changes and turned the whole thing around instead for a launch on Kickstarter, where the campaign ended up successful last week. Developer White Owls’s new trailer demonstrates some of the cool things you can do in the interesting upcoming title, which is as quirky as it is cute.

The game is a daily life simulator that follows a photographer who finds herself struggling with a large amount of debt. She’s a freelancer who can pay her bills with the photos she takes, but there’s more than that going on. In fact, there’s a murder mystery afoot. You’ll have to figure out what’s going on in addition to turning into a dog or a cat at night. Yeah, that’s right. A dog OR a cat. That’s the best feature, arguably.

The game will now be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC since it didn’t meet its Nintendo Switch stretch goal, but we probably won’t be hearing much more about it until 2019 to begin with, sometime in November.

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