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PUBG Mobile: How to Create a Room


PUBG Mobile: How to Create a Room

How to Create a Room in PUBG Mobile

Mobile players on iOS and Android can now jump into their very own bite-sized version of the popular battle royale game PUBG. PUBG Mobile has many of the features which make up the main game, with the ability to squad up with friends and play matches together. There are some notable differences though, with the ability to auto-loot, auto-sprint, motion control aim and see enemy footsteps on the map. PUBG Mobile also has a new Arcade Mode which speeds up the blue zone, and increases the drop rates of assault rifles, serving to make the matches more action-packed.  And while Facebook implementation makes it easy to find your friends, setting up a custom room to chat in is a little bit of a nightmare.

When you’re in a squad in PUBG Mobile, there is an option under the squad menu labeled ‘room.’ Strangely, selecting this option produces an error message saying ‘you’re not authorized.’ This is true for whether or not you are in a squad, duo or solo lobby. Instead, you can head into the global chat room menu via the messages tab. From here you can view all group chat rooms that you are currently in. You can also create new ones using the option provided.

From here you’ll be able to chat freely with your team, and head into battle in PUBG Mobile. Hopefully the game will receive an update to the currently very confusing method of creating a room, but for now, just use the method outlined above. Just like the PC version, up to four friends can team up in a match, with team-revives available.

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