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Pokemon Quest: What Expedition Bonus Is


Pokemon Quest: What Expedition Bonus Is

What Expedition Bonus is in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a mobile game inspired title for the Nintendo Switch that will soon be out on mobile devices as well (if it’s not already by the time you’re reading this). Pokemon Quest has a lot of features that are based around completing expeditions and certain parts of the game progressing when you return. For example, every time you complete a mission, your battery charge will lower, and if you’re cooking something, you’ll make progress on whatever it is you were cooking. Expedition bonuses is a mechanic that is also makes progress each time you return from a mission.

Expedition bonus is a special bar on the top left of the screen that slowly increases whenever you complete missions. As you can probably figure out from the name, it is indeed a bonus. When that bar fills up, the next expedition you go on will have a 100% chance of dropping a power stone with enhanced special effects. These power stones are usually an upgrade (or at least competitive) over ones you already have. Try to make sure that when you have an expedition bonus, that you’re doing a mission that is competitive for your highest power level to increase your chances of getting a very helpful power stone for your team.

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