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Pokemon Quest: How to Increase Health


Pokemon Quest: How to Increase Health

How to Increase Health in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a free-to-play Nintendo Switch game that has players embarking on their own expeditions with different ‘mons. While the spinoff drifts away from turn-based combat, the game still keeps plenty of similar stats and traits. The HP gauge, for example, still retains the same effect. If your Pokemon runs out of health, they’ll get knocked out. That said, here’s how you can increase your health in Pokemon Conquest.

One way you can increase your health stat are through Power Stones. There are two major types of Stones in the game: Mighty and Sturdy. When it comes to beefing up your attack power, you’ll want to pick Mighty. Sturdy, on the other hand, is used to increase your health. When your Pokemon levels up, you’ll unlock more sockets which you place the stones into. Simply drag the Sturdy Stone to the socket and voila, your ‘mon will have more health to spare.

To get these Power Stones, you’ll have to embark on expeditions. They will usually drop randomly at the end of each adventure, so you’ll have to grind if you want to have more Sturdy Stones.

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