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Hyrule Warriors Switch: Best Weapons in the Game


Hyrule Warriors Switch: Best Weapons in the Game

Best Weapons in Hyrule Warriors Switch

Hyrule Warriors Switch features a diverse cast of characters throughout the series, each with their own unique weapons. Each player can choose their own fighter and create various combos strings depending on the weapon they’re wielding. With more than 100 weapons to choose from, some players might be wondering just which are the best weapons to use in the game.

  • Master Sword – This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. The Master Sword has always been the best weapon in the Zelda series, so it’s only fitting that it keeps its title in Hyrule Warriors Switch. Unlocking the Evil’s Bane skill will add a whopping 200 points towards the sword’s base attack, adding up to a base attack of 500.
  • Harp – This particular weapon belongs to Sheik, who you unlock early on in the story. Considering the weapon’s incredible speed and different combos strings, you’ll be getting plenty of value out of this musical instrument. Not only can it create a shield around Sheik, but you can also create fire traps and water vortexes.
  • Fierce Deity Mask – Young Link is arguably one of the best characters in the game because of his weapon. When equipped, he goes off on a rampage with quick blows and powerful sword strikes. When used well, the Fierce Deity Mask even comes off much stronger than the Master Sword.
  • Trident – When using the Trident, Ganondorf can summon electricity and rip through his enemies with lightning speed. Not only that, but the weapon also comes with an impressive range and solid combo strings.
  • Mirror of Shadows – Despite the slow-starting light attacks, the Mirror of Shadows can decimate waves upon waves of enemies with it amazing range and vast radius. What’s more, her combos do not leave Twili Midna vulnerable, often striking from afar. All that said, Twili Midna’s Mirror of Shadows is the best area-clearing weapon in the game.

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