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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: How to Duel


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: How to Duel

How to Duel in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Apart from gaining house points, learning new spells, and making friends, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery also allows players to duke it out through magical duels. Dueling is a staple form of combat in the movies, so it’s only fitting that they would put this in the game. That being said, some fans might be wondering how to start and win duels against other characters.

Your character will make a fair share of enemies throughout their adventure. It’s possible that someone from a rival house might demand a challenge, prompting you for a duel. Before fighting, however, you have to make sure that your character meets the minimum attributes. When you find someone who wants to duel you, you’ll see an icon beside them that looks like two crossed wands.

Once you manage to start the fight, it’s time to steel yourself. The combat is actually fairly simple and all boils down to rock-paper-scissors. In this case, it’s sneak attack, aggressive attack, or defend.

  • Sneak beats Defense
  • Aggressive beats Sneak
  • Defense beats Aggressive

It goes without saying that you’ll have to pick one of three options to counter your opponent’s move in a duel. Some attacks have an extra effect, such as reducing an opponent’s stamina by a small or medium amount.

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